The archive for marine species and habitats data

The Archive for Marine Species and Habitats Data (DASSH)

Submit Data

DASSH can accommodate a wide range of electronic data types and file formats, and data can be submitting by post (on suitable media), by email or by File Transfer Protocol (FTP).


Data Policy

DASSH is part of the UK's network of marine data archive centres, and works in collaboration with MEDIN. DASSH aims to safeguard marine benthic survey data (past and future) and to make that data available as a national information resource


Data Management

DASSH manages data in a secure environment with a range of procedures in place to secure information from damage and unauthorised access and ensure that data quality and integrity is preserved.


DASSH aims to safeguard data (past and future) and make that data available as a national information resource to support marine science and better stewardship of the marine environment. To that end, DASSH provides access to datasets via an on-line catalogue of both metadata and data via this Web site and the National Biodiversity Network (NBN).

DASSH is an initiative of the Marine Biological Association (MBA) funded by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Scottish Government. DASSH is built on the existing extensive data and dissemination skills of the Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN), the library expertise of the National Marine Biological Library (NMBL) and the MBA's historical role in marine science.

DASSH is an accredited Data Archive Centre within the Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN) and collaborates with the other Data Archive Centres (DACs) to develop and comply with national metadata and data standards.