The archive for marine species and habitats data


DASSH specializes in marine biodiversity data, which includes (but is not limited to) species lists, habitat or biotope lists, species or habitat/biotope distribution maps, figures, images, video clips and information(written or otherwise). The type of data archived are detailed in our data policy. DASSH collates metadata using agreed UK and international standards (see metadata standards).

DASSH is committed to promoting the use of the data held within the archive. To this end, DASSH make data and their associated metadata freely available. Our metadata and data holdings can be searched and viewed online.

DASSH does not archive physical or chemical oceanographic data but links to other national MEDIN-accredited Data Archive Centres and their data holdings are available in the links section of this website.

If you are responsible for any marine biodiversity datasets of species or habitats that you would be interested in adding to the archive, especially if the datasets are not managed or are 'at risk' please contact DASSH.